Blue Apron 9 – Seared Flank Steaks w Roasted Potatoes & “Creamed” Kale


AWWWWWYEAH STEAK!!!  Who’s getting lucky tonight?!

All of us.  Because steak.

Joking aside, I knew the first Blue Apron recipe of week 3 into my cooking project would go over well.  Flank steak is a favorite of my husband and it’s something the kids get excited about.  Instead of begrudgingly coming to the table for dinner when asked, they were sitting waiting for me with fork and knife in hand.

This recipe was incredibly simple and quick to make.  I counted a total of eight ingredients and everything fit all in my two hands.  Steak, potatoes, kale, some seasoning, butter…all equal one low-maintenance dinner.

Roasting the potatoes took all of 20 minutes since Blue Apron sent a package of smaller, fingerling potatoes.  Did you know potatoes come in purple??  Apparently I was never aware of this.  Purple potatoes are good, too!

multi-eyed, many tubered, flying purple potato people-eater

multi-eyed, one-tuber, flying purple potato people-eater

The flank steaks were cut into smaller, 5 oz portions, if I’m guessing weight correctly.  Both my husband and I grew up eating gigantic, American-sized portions of meat.  In sticking to my healthier eating resolutions, I’m thankful the portions Blue Apron sent were appropriately moderate.  I’ve never felt hungry after eating one of these dinners.  My husband claims he remains hungry, but I think it’s better for us to be trimming the fat along with the portion size.

flank...its whats for dinner

flank…its whats for dinner

The “Creamed” kale just meant cooking it with a lot of butter and parmesan cheese.  This probably balanced out the healthy portion-size of the steak equation, but damn, it sure was rich and tasty.  The kale required careful monitoring because it needed to be cooked at just the right amount of doneness.  If I under-cooked the kale, it would taste too kale-y and crunchy.  Over-cooking would result in kale mush.  I watched it on the stovetop like a hawk and felt it was okay.  Blue Apron recommended 3-5 minutes.  Perhaps it came out a bit on the over-done side, but not to the point of being completely wilted or burned.

We all ate this dinner all the way down to the last bite with maybe two potatoes left over.  I would consider this one very child-friendly if your kids enjoy steak.  The flavor was alright, although I felt this could’ve been enhanced if the steaks were marinated, however, I’m not sure Blue Apron will ever send a recipe for something that requires any marinating.  This dinner was minimal prep and uncomplicated cleanup.  A 1 out of 3 little pancake mess job.  In summary, Blue Apron’s steak and potatoes got a big thumbs up here.  I’m waiting to receive a flop, but continue to be impressed with each dinner.  I appreciate the variety of meals we’ve received so far.

way to go, Mom

way to go, Mom

flank steak and taters ala Blue Apron

flank steak and taters ala Blue Apron

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