Blue Apron 8 – Chickpea Burgers with Vadouvan Roasted Carrots & Feta-Yogurt Sauce

Tonight’s dinner finished up the second full week of Blue Apron recipes.  I subscribe to the 4-night, 4-person meal plan, so we’re on our own the other three nights.  My goal is to stick with the service for 40 recipes, or 10 weeks.  I hope to become much more confident in my cooking ability by that point.  Fingers crossed.  Fingers crossed I still have fingers in 8 weeks and no knife accidents – there was a close call tonight slicing a Persian cucumber.  Although, with the time and money we’ve saved on grocery store outings, I might consider extending this a little longer.

One big confidence boost was letting my husband decide if he wanted to have me cooking or get take-out tonight, and he chose cooking!  I won over take-out!!  At any other time in our married lives, this wouldn’t have happened.  It feels great to have his support in this endeavor.  But without further ado, let’s get working on tonight’s recipe…


Burgers again!  This was a chance to redeem myself after the salmon patties kept falling apart last time.  I wasn’t sure what to expect with this recipe.  On the one hand, it looks super healthy and we’re all big fans of Greek yoghurt around here…but bread and chickpea mash?  I don’t know, seems a little…starchy.

The first step in the process was to get the carrots roasting since that would take about 25 minutes.  Blue Apron sent 2 pounds of carrots, which is a lot of carrots!!  Good thing I know my girls will eat them.  I began by slicing whole carrots into sticks, drizzled oil over them and saturated them in Vadouvan curry powder.  Things that probably are basic for most people are mostly new and interesting for me, and I found the easiest way to slice carrots was after peeling, to cut them in half, then cut in half lengthwise, then cut another half lengthwise.  This was the best size for sticks.


While those roasted, I got started mashing up some chickpeas.  Blue Apron sent a 15 oz can, as they provide everything you need to cook, no more no less.  I thought I’d be clever and use the potato masher like I used with the previous recipe.  While it was boss at mashing potatoes, with chickpeas?   Not so much.  I reverted to fork smashing..

it was fun while it lasted, potato masher, but you don't get the job done with chickpeas

it was fun while it lasted, potato masher, but you don’t get the job done with chickpeas

These patties formed much easier than the salmon burgers, I assume due to the stickier consistency of the beans.  Blue Apron’s directions want to you to brown them in the same pan you cooked the onions and spices in.  Mine got a little burned in places.  Not too bad, but I wonder if I should have used a fresh pan to do this in.  The sesame buns they sent were big and fresh.  I’ve been impressed with their bakery supplier(s) thus far.  The bread items have been very tasty.

a big set of buns always goes over well in this household

a big set of buns always goes over well in this household

This recipe didn’t take too long to prep.  30 minutes start to finish for me.  It’s always helpful when I hear whining in the background about being “sooooo hungry” and “can’t I just have a snack to wait?”  Maybe a 1.5/3 on the mess/prep/ingredient scale.  It was interesting that the individual components I sampled while cooking ended up tasting quite different from the final product.  The chickpea burger really soaked up the yoghurt sauce and what was left was a dominant taste of the feta cheese.  I think the kids liked it more because of the cheesey flavor.  Both of them weren’t especially hungry tonight.  They ate most of half their burger and all of their carrot sticks.  This was a great recipe where if I can find a dairy-free substitute for the yoghurt and feta, I can impress my vegan Brother.  Just making impressions all around, thanks, Blue Apron!


this is a Persian cucumber - it's about 3 and a half inches long, and the most ADORABLE cucumber you'll ever meet

this is a Persian cucumber – it’s about 3 and a half inches long, and the most ADORABLE cucumber you’ll ever meet

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