Blue Apron 7 – Roasted Chicken & Root Vegetables, Potato-Rutabaga Mash

One of these things is a baby's head.  The other is a rutabaga.  Impressive.

One of these things is a baby’s head. The other is a rutabaga. Size? Impressive.

What’s a quick, simple, hearty, filling dinner you can make on a Friday night when you’re ready to relax and unwind for the weekend?  Roast chicken and veggies?  Why, yes!  I’d say that hits the spot.


Blue Apron Box 4 arrived with two different recipe options and this time I let my oldest daughter pick which one to cook first.  She decided on chicken and veggies.  This was going to be extremely kid-friendly, so I didn’t need to worry about talking up any of the ingredients or flavors they might be wary of.

This delivery included carrots, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, and one big ass rutabaga to serve with the chicken and cook into a mash.  I’ve never eaten rutabaga before; they taste a bit cauli-flowery.  The veggies were seasoned with rosemary and baked in the oven.  The chicken, called ‘airline chicken’, came with a packet of seasoning to rub in that consisted of sweet paprika, ground coriander, and ground fennel seeds.  I wondered about airline chicken.  Is it a brand name?  Is it what they set aside to serve on commercial flights?  The piece was a large breast with a piece of bone and the skin attached to one side.  Regardless, whether it’s served up in the friendly skies or here in the kitchen, I think we can all agree chicken skin is the best part.

peeling and chopping veggies

peeling and chopping veggies

The directions instruct you to roast the chicken with the veggies on a sheet pan for 16-18 minutes at 450.  I don’t know if I would have been better off using a baking dish, or if 450 was too high, but there was a lot of smoke coming from the oven.  My whole kitchen got smoky.  Actually, the chicken came out perfectly moist.  Best chicken I’ve ever cooked.  I’ll have to tweak some oven settings next time.  I made a pan sauce mixing the fond with some butter, which we drizzled over the mash potatoes and baked chicken.

chicken smoke gets in your eyes

chicken smoke gets in your eyes

I thought the mashed potato-bega tasted pretty good.  The kids both loved it.  It was much healthier than my family mashed potato recipe which contains approximately two whole sticks of butter and cream cheese.  There was a point in the recipe where it said, “gradually add as much of the heavy cream as you’d like, depending on how creamy you’d like the mash to be.”  Silly Blue Apron.  It was such a tiny bottle.  Just put in ALL the heavy cream.  If or when you get married, you acquire gifts like a bunch of kitchen shit you never know exactly what to do with (anyone need an espresso machine?).  Well, thank you, whoever bought us this potato masher!  Six years later it was finally used.

this is a potato masher

this is a potato masher

The prep and mess clean-up wasn’t excessive, although I’ll need to check if any olive oil dripped off the sheet pan to the bottom of the oven, and if that’s what caused all the smoke.  2/3 pancakes.  This recipe was very, very kid-friendly.  This is the most I’ve seen both of them eat.  Someone thought it was ‘number one’!


I was proud of myself for how moist the chicken came out and for making this one a meal the whole family enjoyed.  This will be a good recipe to make again when relatives come in for a visit.


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