Blue Apron 6 – Pork & Hominy Pozole

Bless Blue Apron and anyone with a Mexican Grandmother who ever passed down a recipe for Pozole. Not only was this the best recipe I’ve received, it was one of the best things I’ve eaten in a while.  I grew up enjoying the Mexican-influenced cuisine of Southern California, so while these spices and ingredients are familiar and delicious, I’ve safely stuck around in burrito and enchilada land for most of my life.  As mentioned, this was a recipe I’d never try had I seen it in a cookbook, so hats off to Blue Apron for getting me to cook out of my comfort zone.

holy pozole

holy pozole

The stew consisted of a ground pork and tomato base, with bits of white corn known as Hominy.  There was also kale, fresh avocado, queso fresco and cilantro to top it off with.  The flavors in the spice packet they sent blended very nicely with the ground pork.  I’m also not much of a pork eater, but when I was cooking the meat, the aromatics smelled like a warm, delicious breakfast sausage.  I really had to stop myself from sampling bites as it was cooking!


Blue Apron also sent a pack of corn tortillas to bake into tortilla strips for dipping or crumbling into the pozole.  I baked mine in the toaster oven as it seemed to go quicker than the conventional oven.  Holy crap, I’ve never made my own tortilla chips before!  Can it really be this easy?  Home-baked tortilla strips make the bagged kind taste incredibly stale in comparison.

home baked tortilla chips - this really just happened

home baked tortilla chips – this really just happened

One feature of Blue Apron that works very well for me, as a busy mom, is saving me a trip to the grocery store.  I now can take more time to play and focus on my kids instead spending an hour of our lives – yes, it literally takes an hour to get everyone dressed, in shoes, in the car, making sure we’re on the same nap schedule –  going to the store hoping I find the thing I need.  Usually it’s only one or two things.  I also believe this service will ultimately save money for our family.  I’m an impulse-buy grocery store shopper.  Having only what’s needed for a recipe sent straight to my door cuts that out completely.  While the cost of Blue Apron works out to more than grocery store, but less than eating out, I think cutting back on those impulse buys will actually save us in the long-run.  I can budget more to the things we need, instead of the things I want.

I’ve also got to hand it to them for sending a perfectly ripe avocado!  Store avocados are always under-ripe and take a couple days to ripen up.  This saved me the wait time!  And the avocado was very tasty, too.

pozole toppings of delight

pozole toppings of delight

The pozole was the spiciest dish we’ve eaten so far, which was fine for me, but how would the kids like it?  Unfortunately not so much.  Although in a role-reversal, it was the pickier eater who ate more of hers.  The spice didn’t seem to bother her as much as it did her sister, and she enjoyed the cheese and chips.

chips, cheese, hominy, and the meat were the most successful components for a picky eater

chips, cheese, hominy, and the meat were the most successful components for a picky eater

There were a few more ingredients to this recipe, and more serving bowls to put out for the toppings, so on a clean-up scale it was a 3/3 pancake mess job, but good God, all worth it for the flavor of this recipe!

10/10, would cook again

10/10, would cook again

some nice cold cerveza really classed this dinner up

some nice cold cerveza really classed this dinner up

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