Blue Apron 5 – Tomato Baked Cod w Bulger, Lemon & Almond Tabbouleh

Delivery day!  Time to get unboxin’!  This is my third Blue Apron delivery and all the boxes shipped have been the same size, as in no matter how many ingredients they all fit the standard box, and are quite well packaged, with the meat on the bottom surrounded by ice packs and the veggies on top.  It’s like opening a box of treasures each time seeing what I’m going to cook for dinner!  Blue Apron sends a preview e-mail each week titled ‘This Weeks Menu’, and while I could look ahead, I enjoy the surprise factor cuz I’m sassy and unpredictable like that.  After opening the box, I scoped out the recipes, separated the ingredients out and double-checked that the order was complete and there are no problems with the food.

surprise, surprise, cooking surprise - how many lemons are there inside?

surprise, surprise, cooking surprise – how many lemons are there inside?

Wow, so these two recipes are really out of my Phood-a-Roni comfort zone.  One is a fish dish and the other a ground pork stew, both attached to words I will completely butcher if I attempt to say them out loud: Tabbouleh?  Hominy Pozole?  Sounds like something you chant in a Catholic Mass.  No better time to break out of my comfort zone than now, so I was excited to give them a go!

Two recipes, which will it be?  I let my three-year-old picky eater choose tonight’s meal.  Perhaps giving her more agency over meal choices might result in better eating and fewer tears?  I showed her the pictures and she picked the Cod.  Fish ahoy!


Growing up, my family were never really ‘fish people’ and I could probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve cooked a fish besides salmon or tuna-dillas.  Hopefully the kids will like this, I have my doubts for both of them.  The fillets they sent were big.  Like generous portion sized big.  Quite low calorie too, or as Blue Apron estimated approximately 540 calories per serving.  This is the healthiest meal I’ve baked up from them so far.

fish fillets and tomatoes

fish fillets and tomatoes

Interestingly, I think this was my husband’s favorite dish.  Or maybe he’s just getting his appetite back after a bout of sickness?  He ate all of his with compliments about how good it was and was eyeballing Picky Eater’s un-eaten portion.  At least I tried!  Awesome Eater ate ALL her fish.  I didn’t think she would even go there so consider me impressed.  I preferred the taboulleh, and there was a lot leftover I can enjoy for lunch tomorrow.  The taboulleh was just as good as something I’d buy at the fancy, natural market deli counter.  In fact, I got a little creative and added about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to kick up the flavor.

Overall the prep and clean-up for this was very easy.  I used one baking dish, one saucepan to cook the bulger grains and the sauce in once finished, and then the usual dinnerware.  1/3 pancakes.

The fish had good flavor and made me not so uncomfortable to cook fish for the next time.  This was a hearty, healthy meal that made me full without craving sweets and desserts for later.  The plan… it’s working!  I’m glad my older daughter ate all her fish and will try to tempt younger daughter with it for lunch tomorrow.  I’m not optimistic it will work but I gotta try.

hi, my name is Bulger, and I'll be your Orc host this evening

hi, my name is Bulger, and I’ll be your Orc host this evening

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