Blue Apron 3 – Roast Pork and Smashed Potatoes

Ya better believe, I got tricks up my sleeve…

Back home for another night of cooking and oh boy, I pulled a couple tricks with this one!  Everything kept well and fresh in the fridge over the weekend while we were gone – and not eating very well while away I might add; Girl Scout Cookies and Pizza.  So tasty, but SO off the diet plan. Going to start the week fresh with some new and healthy dinners.  Despite the poor eating weekend, I still ended up losing 4 pounds last month.  Not as many as I hoped, but a loss is a loss, and that makes -11 lbs down for 2015.  Over my many years of weight fluctuations, I’ve learned slow and steady holds out better than quick and rapid weight loss and I think I’ve been making some pretty healthy lifestyle changes to keep the weight off thus far.

But on to tonight’s dinner….


I was a little nervous about this meal.  I’m no Mozart, however, let’s just say pork hasn’t always agreed with me in the past. Bacon, well, mmmm, Bacon! But with other piggy dishes, I think I might have at minimum, a food sensitivity. It may have something to do with the cooking of the meat, so I didn’t need to take chances with this.

The arugula, apple, walnut and goat cheese salad was AWESOME.  By far the tastiest meal from Blue Apron.  I really hope the salad keeps well because I will definitely be having the leftovers for tomorrows lunch.  The pork roast was good too, and fingers crossed, I won’t regret it in a couple more hours!  I messed the potatoes up, but at least they were edible!

I’ll start with the salad.  Was sent a bag of incredibly fresh arugula and all the fixings to mix in.  This is now the second time I’ve used apple in a Blue Apron dish with the instructions to cut into ‘matchsticks’.  Maybe I need to invest in a fruit and vegetable peeler?  Here is my best attempt at match-sticking the apple.  There is probably an easier way to slice it this way which I’ll need to look-up.  One interesting fact I learned from this recipe is that lemon juice helps prevent an apple from browning.

Lemon juice helps keep apples from browning in a salad

Lemon juice helps keep apples from browning in a salad

The salad was SO good, I even tricked my husband, a non-eater of green things!  Personally, I love goat cheese, but he does not and has given me shifty-eye when I order it on pizza (goat cheese is amazing on pizza!  Non goatcheese pizza eaters are missing out).  I didn’t tell him about it as an ingredient until he asked (after all his salad was gone), “So, what kind of cheese was that in the salad?”

“Goat cheese!”


“Oh really?  Interesting statement coming from someone who JUST ATE ALL OF IT.”

The dressing was so simple – a combination of light olive oil, lemon juice, and a pan sauce made from the pork fond.  Blue Apron has taught me about fond.  It’s the browned bits that remain in a pan after searing meat.  Highly flavorful, I combined it with a pork demi-glace they sent, some water and butter for a sauce that I drizzled over the meat and punched up the salad flavor.  So good!


The pork roast came out almost as good.  I managed to follow the instructions and cook the meat, however I pointed out to my husband it was still a bit pink in the middle after coming out of the oven.  A pro-tip from him was to nuke it in the microwave for 30 seconds to cook some more.  Now, I’m by no means a professional chef and have zero issues with using the microwave for a quick fix, so in it went and I was able to worry less about any future potential gastrointestinal issues.

the stand-by 'microwave your meat' trick

the stand-by ‘microwave your meat’ trick

Such a good, easy dinner, and I was bound to mess up somewhere.  The recipe is for “smashed” potatoes.  They wanted me to smash the potatoes with the side of a knife.   I think I slightly undercooked the potatoes, even though I boiled them for the specified amount of time, because I found it was very difficult to flatten them without them completely coming apart.  A knife wasn’t cutting it (heh…) so I utilized the back of a serving spoon instead for the smashing part.  Fortunately, you’re able to recover from this blunder as the potatoes get browned in butter later on.  Butter makes everything better.

the great potato massacre of '15

the great potato massacre of ’15

For my final trick of the evening, I told picky-eater we were having apple and cheese for dinner tonight.  Magic words!  I failed to disclose the rest of dinner, but she came without a fight, and ate the apples, cheese, some salad and some meat!  What a relief!!

caught eating a tasty meal!!

caught eating a tasty meal!!

So far, I think this was my most successful Blue Apron dinner.  Now I need to learn about wine pairings!


Does Chardonnay go with pork?  Beats me.  It sure goes with my desire to have a glass of wine.

Does Chardonnay go with pork? Beats me. It sure goes with my desire to have a glass of wine.

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