Blue Apron Round 2 Coconut Chicken & Kale Stew

I felt more confident approaching tonight’s dinner, having gone through a test-run last night. The recipe for this stew was a bit more involved than the burgers, but I was excited to jump in, especially with the rice.  I don’t own a rice cooker and usually under or over-cook it on the stovetop.  Since Blue Apron sends you the exact portions needed there would be no winging it this time!


The first thing I did was wash and de-stem the kale bunch.  I sampled a taste of the raw, washed kale and it was very tasty!  Kale has always tasted bitter and slightly acrid to me unless smothered in loads of butter but this batch they sent me was really good.  I’m pretty sure most of the fruits and veggies they source are grown in California but I haven’t fully looked into it on their website.  Hooray for green, fresh, and delicious kale!

much goodness

much goodness

One feature I think I’m really going to like about this is being introduced to new ingredients.  Had I been using a cookbook and seen ‘Ghee’ listed, I would have passed right over this recipe for not knowing what it was.  Or I would have gone to my Podunk town’s grocery store, asked if they had any Ghee, and probably been looked at like a Portlandia sketch character.  What is Ghee?  It’s this tasty, rich butter stuff which I cooked the rice and spices in.  The more you know.

ghee whiz

ghee whiz

My biggest screw-up with this recipe was not getting a large enough pot for the stew.  There was too much kale in the recipe that it overflowed out of the top of the size pot I mixed the spices in.  I also used a pan to brown the chicken in instead of just doing it directly in the pot the stew was going into, so inevitably I made more dishes to wash.

'I think we're going to need more pot' ....That's what she said

‘I think we’re going to need more pot’
….That’s what she said

So how did I fare with Indian cuisine?

The rice was cooked just right, which for me was a big step.  Flavor-wise this dish was alright.  A bit bland if I’m being honest, but I prefer my curries spicy.  This was okay for the rest of my family, however, in fact I got a bit nervous when I tasted the hint of spice since even awesome-eater will reject spicy food.  Blue Apron recommended serving the rice and stew separate, but I like to mix mine all together in one giant rice-curry sludge.  All in all, a valiant second attempt!  The naan they sent was tasty.  Wish it could have been more than one half-slice per person.


I’m going to give this dish 3/3 pancakes as it required more cooking accoutrements than I was used to and more dishes to wash, however some of that was my own fault with cooking many things separate.

What did the food critics think?


The ‘spiciness’ didn’t seem to matter!  Awesome-eater ate most of hers, including the kale, which made me happy.  Picky-eater?  Well, she ate half a naan and then adjourned to watch a movie.  I kept a small bowl out for her since she always asks for food later, and she ate maybe a quarter, mostly rice with no curry.  I won’t give up on her!  We have a second delivery coming tomorrow, but I’m going to have to keep it in the fridge for Sunday as we are taking a road trip to Grandpa’s house for a couple nights!  Happy weekend until then!

I felt it was relevant that this can of coconut milk needed to be opened upside-down

I felt it relevant to take a photo of this can of coconut milk being opened upside-down

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