In the beginning

Had a great video chat with my IPs today!  Got to see the little guy in action. Getting ready for his big 2nd birthday coming up!  It’s hard to believe two years ago how huge I was and how he was about to make his grand entrance into the world and change his family’s life forever.

One of my favorite memories of “our time” together was signing up for a parent and child swim class with my younger daughter (19 months at the time) and floating around, massively pregnant, in the pool at the Y. Swimming is one of the best things a pregnant woman can do for herself in the later months. The weight lifts off as gravity lessens and you feel so good all over. I feel like I bond on a deep level with all my babies while swimming. They’re peacefully floating around inside me, I’m floating in a pool too…I don’t know…for me it’s a meditative experience.


They’re going to line up the initial pieces on their end to get the ball rolling for an August/September cycle. It seems so far off but it will be here before we all know it. One thing I need to start thinking about is how and when to wean my baby. I don’t want to be nursing while taking the hormones for the IVF cycle. Both my daughters weaned early, around 9-10 months, and we supplemented them with a bottle throughout older infancy. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how it goes. Going to brag here, but being on my third kid, I finally am confident I’ve got this breast feeding thing down. I experienced low supply with my oldest and we switched over to formula pretty early as she struggled to gain weight. It’s been a learning curve and now at 4 months I feel like me and baby have such a good feeding relationship.  He’s gaining weight no problem. Anyway, something I’m going to think over.

It was great to catch up today and to see the big almost birthday boy full of energy and chatting away!  Big plans…big year!  I’m excited.

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