Happy New Year!!

I can’t contain my excitement!  Eeeeee!!!  My IPs and I are both on the same page for going on a sibling journey and the initial pieces of the legal and medical parts can start lining up.

Everyone gets motivated with the New Year to jump on weight loss and fitness bandwagon, but for me, now I have an awesome reason to get back into my best pre-baby shape. I want my body to be ready to accept this new little life and do a great job growing it.  They say people can’t change, however one thing I discovered about myself while losing 50 lbs last year is, and I never thought I’d say this, I actually LIKE running. What?!  As a young adult I would have thought that notion was absolutely nuts.  Once I get my motivation to go outside and just get it done, which sometimes the motivation is not always there, I end up liking the way running and jogging make me feel. The repetition of beats on the asphalt is oddly relaxing. I enjoy the way my body feels after sweating buckets.  People can change after all, fancy that!

Anyway, I’ll be busy getting my workout on and will make far more updates now that Surrogacy Round Two is here…IT’S ON!!!

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