Monthly Archives: November 2014

Baby on Board

It’s been well over a year since I began this blog and I could update with all the goings-on in my life — like having our third baby in October — hey!  But I want to keep this at least tangentially surrogacy related and thus will not bore anyone with the new baby lack of sleep details of life.

So … surrogacy round two. I’ve been thinking about it!  A lot!  Which sounds crazy having a one and a half month old. Obviously we couldn’t pursue anything while I was knocked up these past 10 months, but, I did put out the initial feelers that I’d be ready to start a cycle in July or August. I think I’ll bring it up again over the holidays to let my IPs know I’m game if they are. Truly, it is their life and decision if they want to try for a sibling. Or if they even want to choose me to carry again. I have an inkling of hope that it’s still a go?  Guess I’ll find out for sure with a “Happy 2015! Wanna have a kid?!” message.