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New Beginnings

As I dip my toe into the pool of blogging, I thought I might start out with an introductory post of the who/why/what this blog’s about.

My name is Helen, I’m a mother of two, currently twenty nine years young. A little bit free-wheeling and crunchy, like many other California gals tend to be. INFP. Loving every day I spend with my children dancing, playing, schnorting with giggles, and covering them in kisses.

In early 2013, I birthed a proper booming, right and rosy baby boy as his gestational surrogate. Now, the friends and family who come to read this blog might not be familiar with the term “gestational surrogate/surrogacy”, or GS. It means that the lil’ Chip, as I fondly refer to him, is not genetically related to me. He was not a product of my artisan egg basket nor my partner’s lovers-of-all-artisanal-egg-basket swimmers. The world and culture surrounding surrogacy tends to use shorthand terms. Lots of ’em. I will try to explain what each one means as best I can. For example, whenever you see the letters IPs I am referring to Chip’s intended parents, his mom and dad in our case, and not myself. That’s a commonly used one. So are IVF (in-vitro fertilization), RE (reproductive endocrinologist), OBGYN…well, you get the picture. If you ever have any question about what the heck I’m talking about, just ask!

As I approach my one year surro-birth-a-versary, I’ve reflected back on all that’s happened in my life. I started a business (yay!). I lost weight. Like, a lot of weight. I feel like a healthier, happier mother and person and I think a lot of that came from the incredible experience I had growing and temporarily caring for the little person I had inside me to deliver safely to his family, who just happen to love and adore him to pieces. Truly. I see the photos. Lil’ Chippington is LURRRRVED. And I’m glad for that.

So what’s on the horizon for this year? When I matched with my IPs back in 2012 there was mention of carrying a sibling in the future; if all went well and good as it did (IMO, expectations were exceeded). So. I’m hopeful this sibling project scenario transpires. It is completely up to them though. We haven’t had “the talk” yet and no timeframe has been established and I’m not sure which one of us will bring the subject up, but I’m getting closer to a place where I might be ready to. Regardless, I know a second surrogacy is on the horizon for me in 2014. And for that reason I’m going to blog.

There are many surrogate blogs out there on the web which I enjoy reading and which provided so much valuable insight when I was on the pregnancy journey with the Chipster. Much of what the general public hears from the media re: surrogacy are the sensational stories with the catastrophic end results. Baby hijacking. Exploitation. Adoption scams. Broken hearts. This blog is here to tell my story. I decided not to blog about my first surrogacy, although I know some of you asked, because everything was such a learning curve at the time. Figuring out the whole matching process, the legal contracts, the changing of the doctors — there was a lot to absorb at the time. My intent of blogging is to share with my friends, family, and IPs the steps along the way that journey #2 takes, hopefully provide an interesting new little lad or lassie the story of how they came to be, and discuss all the ins and outs about this fascinating topic with some women out there who might be on the fence about doing it themselves so they can read a firsthand account and decide if surrogacy is for them.

Oh, and because it’s THE INTERNET and privacy and stuff, all names except my own will be changed, humorously, to protect all parties’ individual interests. I guess I look forward to writing more soon!